Kalulu Marketing

Paid Ads for the tourism industry.

We offer results-driven paid ads services for the travel and tourism industry. We can help you with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads to generate more direct bookings for your tourism company. 

AN overview of Paid Ads for the tourism industry.

We are firm believers that building a brand in an organic manner is a great way to build your tourism business. But for a holistic marketing campaign paid ads are the perfect complement to your efforts. Whether it is marketing a new tour, increasing direct bookings or just getting your brand name out there, paid ads are the quickest and most effective way of achieving your goals. 

Our destination marketing experts are here to help. We can recommend the perfect ads channel, build your ads campaign and optimise it to get you the results you’re looking for. Our results-based method ensures we’re always maximising your results and making the most of your budget. 

Our paid ads channels.

Our Paid Ads Packages.

Our paid ads packages have been designed to be the fairest way to work with our clients by scaling according to your budget. We offer a free ads preview with no strings attached for all new clients. Just book a discovery call to find out more and discuss your project!

Tier 1

$249 / m
  • Paid ads management for campaigns up to $500 per month ad spend.

Tier 2

$399 / m
  • Paid ads management for campaigns up to $1500 per month ad spend.

Tier 3

$1199 / m
  • Paid ads management for campaigns up to $5000 per month ad spend.

more reasons to choose us as your paid ads partner.


Our reporting software gives you 24/7 access to your paid ads KPIs allowing you to get a quick view of how they’re performing. Your account coordinator will also keep you up to date with the latest changes to your account and improvements that can be made based on the data in your dashboard so we’re always generating the best ROI.

While some agencies will hide behind misinformation, we believe the numbers don’t lie so we try to be as transparent as possible with our reporting. 

Specialised in paid ads and tourism.

There are a lot of paid ads channels and a lot of decisions to be made when creating a paid ads campaign. To get the best results we believe that a solid understanding of the tourism industry is not only needed but necessary.

By focusing exclusively on the travel and tourism industry we’re in the best possible position to drive paid ads results for your business.

We have helped destination companies, both big and small generate amazing results with paid ads, let’s make your business the next one.

meet your account coordinator.

Our goal has always been to offer a personal touch to all our clients no matter how big or small. Each of our clients therefore, gets their own personal Account Coordinator to work hand in hand with them on their paid ads campaign.  

Our Account Coordinators are paid advertising experts as well as experts in the tourism industry. So you can be sure we’re getting you the best results, and you always have someone to talk to should you need advice.