What is social media management for the African tourism industry?

Over 3.6 billion people are active on a social media platform every day and every day they are searching for, discovering and engaging with new content. If your business can provide that content it’s a fast track to building valuable relationships, and eventually turning them into paying clients. 

But social media management isn’t only about posting great content. Although that’s a big part of it! Social media management is about starting conversations and building relationships with people. Our approach is based on making your social media platform a hub for past and future customers to interact and be social. 

How we do social media management.

Having a social media platform just because every other business has one just won’t do anymore. Our aim in managing your social media is to achieve strategic business goals that contribute to the continued success of your business. Whether that be getting more booking, greater brand awareness or opening another communication channel with your clients. And our ongoing tracking and reporting ensure you can always see the ROI of our efforts. 

Our work ensures that your social media accounts are updated with fresh content, your followers are engaged with and your follower count continues to grow while you focus on other parts of your business. 


Social media is the perfect opportunity for you to build connections with your customers. Connections that lead to greater brand awareness, new customers and increased loyalty to your brand.

The questions should no longer be do we need it, but how can we best utilise or social media to achieve our strategic goals? 

Our ethos has always been to create content for the audience you want to attract rather than content for your brand. Does that seem a bit strange? 

Basically each piece of content should seek to educate, inspire or entertain your audience. With that in mind you’re well on your way to create content that keeps people engaged and builds brand loyalty.