What is social media ads for the African tourism industry?

On average people spend over 2 hours on social media every day, that’s about 30 days every year! It’s kind of crazy if you ask us, but where better to advertise your business? 

It’s no secret that social media ads on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn can be super effective. But first, it’s important to know if they are the right fit for your business. Before we spend a dollar of your money we’ll talk strategy. About your immediate goals. Your long term objectives. About if, and how social media advertising can help you. 

How we do social media ads.

We love social media ads because it lets us be creative and strategic in marketing your business. And we have the knowledge and experience to get amazing results for African tourism companies. Not only do we know our stuff but we do it ethically. 

That last part is important because social media advertising isn’t perfect for every business. If we think it’s not right for you, or we can get better results another way, we’ll tell you. 

When working with your social media marketing our focus is to integrate great communication, marketing technologies and our experience to achieve amazing results.


Organic social media results have seen a sharp decline in reach over recent years, therefore businesses trying to get more sales often need to pay for people to see their advertisements instead. 

However, the wide range of platforms and mediums provided by social media mean that advertising can be extremely effective in reaching potential clients. 

As always our focus is centred around being strategic with your ad spend, therefore, our first goal is always to identify key goals and strategically work to achieving and track them. 

On a daily basis we’re working on setting up new campaigns, writing killer ad copy, designing images and optimising your campaigns.