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Google Ads

Hotel Google Ads Results.

We’re able to generate direct bookings for hotels using Google Ads. Our work with one Perth based hotel resulted in a 2.7x ROAS. 

Read on below to see our approach and results with that particular hotel.

The Results.

Our client was struggling to consistently generate direct bookings to their properties. This was particularly evident in the off-seasons when holiday goers weren’t visiting the area.

To quickly generate direct bookings Kalulu Marketing suggested a Google Ads campaign. We built a paid search campaign and remarketing campaign to convert online searchers into paying clients. We were able to quickly establish consistent bookings through the client’s website at a cost per booking of $34.40. And a total ROAS of 2.7x.

To address seasonality issues, our team utilised Google Ads to boost occupancy in the off-seasons. In particular, we created a campaign focused on business travellers resulting in less variation in bookings for the off-season. We also created a local campaign to encourage locals to visit the hotel’s restaurant for dinner which helped generate more revenue during quiet times.