What is Google Ads for the African tourism industry?

Google Ads is the quick way to ensure your website shows up on Google. It can target people searching for the services you provide, retarget people that have already visited your website and a whole lot more. 

For the African tourism industry, Google Ads means your business has a targeted presence across Google. Any person who has an interest in your services only needs to open their phone to find you. In short, it is the quickest way of driving direct bookings to your business or achieving any other goals you have. 

How we do Google Ads.

We’re all about being transparent and honest, that’s just how we do business. While Google Ads can be amazing for some it isn’t perfect for everyone. Before we even get started we can let you know if Google Ads is right for you. And if it is, we have you covered. 

We’re experts at making killer Google Ads campaigns for the African tourism industry. Our digital marketing experts strategise, create and optimise campaigns that are specifically designed to achieve your businesses goals. 

And by harnessing the best in digital marketing technologies we can report our results live so you are never left guessing where your ads budget is going.


Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform to show ads across Google and their online partners. 

Depending on your specific goals you can use a wide range of Google Ads features to showcase your business at the top of search results, in Youtube videos or even on other peoples websites. The real power in Google Ads is the ability to show your business when customers are most likely to buy.  

Google Ads uses keywords to identify when you want to show your specific ads on search results. Keywords are therefore a word or string of words that trigger your advertisement to show if people search them online. For example “Book African Safari” is a keyword.  

Selecting the right keyword for your specific goals is therefore an integral part of running a successful Google Ads campaign.